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Products tested to British and European standards provide greater durability, longer warranty periods, peace of mind and evidence of professional specification.

Under the standard each product is tested and classified accordingly to show its compliance. The identification of a numeric code is visible on the individual product.

Each digit represents a category and how it is measured against the standard to which it was tested.

Please click on the links below to view or download details of the numeric codes and categories for a particular hardware product standard.


BS3621:        2007     Thief resistant locks assembly - key egress.

BS8300:        2009     Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people.

BS8424:        2004     Pull handles - requirements and test methods.

BS5499-1:     2002     Graphical symbols and signs - safety signs including fire safety signs.

BS EN179:     2008     Emergency exit devices operated by a lever handle or push pad.

BS EN1125:   2008     Panic exit device operated by a horizontal bar.

BS EN1154:   1997     Controlled door closing devices.

BS EN1155:   1997     Electrically powered hold open devices for swing doors.

BS EN1303:   2005     Cylinders for locks - requirements and test methods (Revision 1).

BS EN1906:   2010     Building hardware - lever handles and knob furniture.

BS EN1935:   2002     Single axis hinges.

BS EN12209: 2003     Mechanically operated locks, latches and locking plates.

BS EN13724: 2002     Postal services - aperture of private letter boxes and letter plates.

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