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Declaration of Performance

As per the requirements of the Construction Product Regulations 305/2011, please find below links to the DoP Certificates for all products manufactured in accordance with this legislation.

The certificates are available to download and view as PDF documents.

1. Hinges

    LWG-2211   DOP.LWG.HIN.001          Ball Bearing Washered Stainless Steel Butt Hinge

    CH040103    DOP.CH.HIN.01              Ball Bearing Washered Steel Butt Hinge

    CH040104    DOP.CH.HIN.01              Ball Bearing Washered Steel Butt Hinge    

    CH040201    DOP.CH.HIN.02              Button Tipped Steel Butt Hinge  

    CH040201    DOP.CH.HIN.02              Button Tipped Steel Butt Hinge

2. Locking Devices

    LWG-4116    DOP.LWG.LOC.001        DIN Sash Lock

    LWG-4126    DOP.LWG.LOC.002        DIN Dead Lock

    LWG-4136    DOP.LWG.LOC.003        DIN Latch

    LWG-4146    DOP.LWG.LOC.004        DIN Bathroom Lock

    LWG-4156    DOP.LWG.LOC.005        DIN Night Latch

    LWG-4166    DOP.LWG.LOC.006        DIN Escape Lock

    LWG-4176    DOP.LWG.LOC.007        Mortice Accessible Lift to Lock

    CH060107    DOP.CH.LOC.01             Tubular Mortice Latch

    CH060108    DOP.CH.LOC.01             Tubular Mortice Latch  

    CH060207    DOP.CH.LOC.02             Mortice Bathroom Lock

    CH060208    DOP.CH.LOC.02             Mortice Bathroom Lock

3. Exit Devices

    LWG-5110   DOP.LWG.PED.001          Single door panic bolt

    LWG-5120   DOP.LWG.PED.002          Single door panic latch

    LWG-5130   DOP.LWG.PED.003          Double rebated door panic set

    LWG-5320   DOP.LWG.EED.001          Single door emergency push pad latch

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